A few examples of our corporate content creation projects and clients:

Continuous-Delivery-Identifying-CD-715-464px “A big reason why software producers turn to continuous delivery processes is the irksome antipatterns—practices that are common but extremely ineffective—that have long plagued the industry….” So begins our latest blog post for Zend Technologies, the company responsible for the rise of the server-side scripting language, PHP. Published Nov. 14, 2014.

The Zend Technologies project has involved entries to several mini-ebooks that address one of the hottest topics of the day in the software production world–continuous delivery. To see Featherly Consulting’s contribution to the first part of this project, “Quotes from 29 DevOps Experts,” select the preceding link, and turn to page 2 using the Slideshare interface.

In December 2013, Featherly Consulting was brought aboard to produce content for a revamped web site. Roundabout is an exciting full-service media company that serves the Hollywood movie industry, and sections we were involved with include the “About,” “Our Services,” “Our Team” sections, and the executive bios of CEO Craig Clark and Vice President Mike Esfahanian.

Last year we did a little business blogging for Xtreme Consulting Group, Inc. It was a quick, fun project that allowed us to interview California content strategy gurus David LaFontaine and Janine Warner.

A Conversation With Adam Levy (Part 1) from Think Piece Publishing on Vimeo.

In 2013, Featherly Consulting filmed a four-part mini-documentary on Minneapolis music elder statesman Adam Levy for Think Piece Publishing, a Twin Cities e-book publisher. We also created the Vimeo page where the documentary lives. The video presentation led directly to high profile interviews with Adam Levy on the same subject with Minnesota Public Radio and other broadcast organizations. Kevin Featherly is also listed as an author on the Think Piece publishing web site.

This web-only case study for government contractor KeyLogic was written under contract with Dragonfly Editorial. It discusses KeyLogic’s portfolio management work for the U.S. Department of the Interior.

Merrill Legal Solutions asked us to produce a paper on Total Evidence Management (TEM), a system that efficiently manages the analog and digital information that is subject to legal discovery. The paper discusses how comprehensive electronic data discovery and production protocols can save clients time and money and potentially change a litigation’s outcome.

Essentials of the U.S. Hospital IT Market, Fifth Edition: Kevin performed editing and production for HIMSS Analytics’ massive annual healthcare IT market survey, “The Essentials of the U.S. Hospital IT Market,” from 2006 to 2011. This is the 5th edition’s introductory chapter. The closing 2010 Signposts chapter is also available for free download. The entire 20-chapter document is available for purchase at

HIMSS/HIMSS Analytics Ambulatory Healthcare IT Survey: In 2008, Kevin Featherly was called on to perform editing and production work on the 2008 HIMSS/HIMSS Analytics Ambulatory Healthcare IT survey. The paper was designed to collect information about the utilization of key technologies such as electronic medical records and e-prescribing in the ambulatory healthcare market.

Stage 6 Hospitals: The Journey and the Accomplishments: Kevin Featherly performed editing and production for another HIMSS Analytics paper, “Stage 6 Hospitals: The Journey and the Accomplishments.” The paper describes the strides some of the best-equipped U.S. hospitals have made towards fully functioning electronic health record systems—and the progress that remains to be made.

EMR Sophistication Correlates to Hospital Quality Data: This paper, written, designed, edited and produced by Kevin Featherly for HIMSS and HIMSS Analytics, reveals results that never before have been demonstrated with this degree of confidence: Statistical correlations do exist between sophisticated electronic medical records technology and improved patient care.

The Financial Systems Hospital IT Market, 1998-2005 and The Clinical Systems Hospital IT Market, 1998-2005 Kevin and Frank Jossi wrote and Kevin designed two white papers based on raw Dorenfest Institute market data compiling statistics on vendors that supply IT applications to healthcare clients.

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