The Cy? For King Felix?

Count me among the skeptics. A 13-win Cy Young winner? Just because he played on a bad team? And not just 13 wins. But 13 wins and 12 losses. Eh.

Fine. But you’d better then retroactively award Bert Blyleven the 1984 Cy Young award that he always deserved–the absence of which has for far too long kept him out of the Hall of Fame. Bert won 19 games with a Cleveland Indians team that finished with a 75-87 and ended up in sixth place in the American League East (there were only two divisions back then).

The award that year went to a reliever, Willie Hernandez, who gave up nearly half as many earned runs as Bert, despite pitching in 105 fewer innings. It was a travesty then, it is now. Just like giving it to Felix Hernandez instead of C.C. Sabathia.


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