Vikes Stadium: This Can’t Be Good

Just received a press release from Minnesota Sports Facilities Authority. No one is going to pay me to do a story on this, so I’ll share what it says here for free. ‘Cuz, you know, I like you.

Statement from Peter Carter, Counsel to the Minnesota Sports Facilities Authority About Minnesota Vikings Comments on Due Diligence

Peter Carter, the Dorsey & Whitney attorney heading the due diligence investigation has released this statement:

“There have been some statements made by the Vikings to the press today regarding the MSFA’s financial due diligence that are simply not true and MSFA would like to set the record straight.

The Vikings have stated that they have provided the MSFA with detailed financial information in our due diligence review. We have received no such information. The MSFA, through our attorneys, have made multiple requests for more cooperation from the Wilfs. To date they have refused to provide us with any personal financial information that our advisors need to obtain comfort that the New Jersey court case result will not impact their ability to meet their financial obligations.

We look forward to receiving the financial information from the Wilf’s so that we can conduct our due diligence. The people of Minnesota deserve to know that the team can finance their part of the stadium construction budget – without delay.

A meeting with US Bank took place but Mr. [Lester] Bagley [the Vikings’ vice president of public affairs and stadium development] was not present and the unequivocal reassurance he refers to was never provided. The Wilfs have required us to sign a confidentiality agreement that precludes our advisors from discussing what was said.”


Jenn Hathaway
Director of Communications

Hoo boy.

(I took the liberty of editing the apostrophe out of the word “Wilf’s.” It is not a possessive….)


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