A Conversation With Adam Levy (Part 1)

Think Piece Publishing has posted the first of four videos featuring my candid interview with the incredible Adam Levy. You can watch it here:

A Conversation With Adam Levy (Part 1) from Think Piece Publishing on Vimeo.

Adam is co-founder of the Honeydogs, one of the greatest of all Minneapolis rock bands. A noted songwriter and musician, Adam is also a social worker, teacher and mentor to many younger Minnesotans.

In June 2013, he and I sat for an extended Think Piece interview on the suicide of his son, Daniel, a promising young artist afflicted with mental illness. In this short series, Adam talks about the affects of suicide and its aftermath on himself and his family, and how he has weathered his loss by reaching out to other families of suicide. He also shared his thoughts on the cultural and economic shifts that have left many young people feeling out of touch and alienated.

In the video posted here, Adam tells us about his son and the gravity of his loss.

New segments will follow on Thursday of this week, and again on Tuesday and Thursday of next week. They will be posted here, and on Think Piece Publishing’s Vimeo page.


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