Photo of the Day: Kris Jacobs

Kris Jacobs, photo by Kevin Featherly

Kris Jacobs, Executive Director, the Jobs Now Coalition. Photo by Kevin Featherly.

This photo of Jobs Now Coalition Executive Director Kris Jacobs was taken during an interview on Dec. 31. I’m only now getting around to writing up the story. Look for it in an upcoming edition of Capitol Report—that is, if you can find a copy laying around. Unfortunately, the paper lives behind a paywall—though sometimes articles are brought out from hiding to tease the rest of the content.

Word has it that you can often find the newspaper on one of the tables at Subtext: A Bookstore at Western & Selby in St. Paul, where this photo was taken.



  1. This was probably the best interview I’ve ever had. No wonder his features are so good. I’m thinking this guy knows a lot of people really well. It’s been a long time since I talked about how got to be the me I am today. Kevin’s genuine interest and curiosity is so compelling that it adds a lot to the experience.

    • Thank you, Kris. An interviewer can never be better than the subject. Not possible. But thanks very much. What I will say for myself is I love a good conversation. You gave me that.

  2. OMG this picture of me is so so horrible. Is there any way, health is very bad now, that you could take this down so it would go away when people google?

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