My Call? It’s Obama

The White House

I mentioned this to my Facebook friends and Twitter followers, so I might as well be wrong in as many public venues as possible.

Here’s my call for tonight’s electoral vote count:

Obama 290, Romney 248.

How does that work?

I have Obama winning all of the battleground states but two: Florida and Virginia. I see those going to Romney.

I have Obama winning Iowa, Wisconsin, Ohio, Colorado, Nevada and New Hampshire. Minnesota and Pennsylvania are not in play, despite the charade perpetuated out of Romney’s Massachusetts HQ.

I would bet no money on this. Too many wild cards can effect the outcome–like last night’s weird anti-Obama half-hour news special aired twice on a Columbus news station with the apparent intention of swinging Ohio toward Romney.

Or the mass confusion that is affecting Pennsylvnia because of the new voter ID law.

Or the chaos caused by Florida Gov. Rick Scott’s refusal to extend early voting, forcing people to stand in line as long as seven hours to vote.

So there are huge factors, big unknowns, that could alter the final tally or even flip the election Romney’s way. But as a good blogger, making a prediction seems the requisite thing, so now you have mine.


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