Fox & Friends Launches ‘Biased Polling’ Psy-ops Campaign

You almost have to feel a little sorry for the trio of hosts on “Fox and Friends.” They’re just kinda too dumb to fully know what they are saying.

Today they launched a weak little psy-ops campaign trying to get some mileage out of the current GOP meme that all of the “mainstream media polls” are biased against the Republican presidential candidate. They fail to mention–and perhaps do not know–that among the media polling agencies showing a solid lead for Obama is … wait for it … FOX News itself.

Talking Points Memo put together a greatest conspiracy hits package, and I offer it to my readers here. It is great fun.

What is most hilarious is how these guys first raise the matter of polling bias as an open question, then proceed to answer it in the affirmative. And then they can commence hammering away at the meme as though, simply by confidently stating their own bias on the matter, they have proven their case.

From there it’s a short leap to a pundit asking, with a completely straight face, “What does it tell you when the media actually has to skew the polls to help the president out?”

Are we sure these guys don’t work for The Onion?

Oh, and remember: “Don’t believe your eyes.”


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