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On assignment for Capitol Report today at the University of Minnesota, I bumped into former WCCO-TV news anchor–and my former co-worker–Don Shelby. Don was good enough to let me snap a few pictures. Here is the best of a small bunch.

Don Shelby, photo by Kevin Featherly

Don Shelby, photo by Kevin Featherly

I kidded him about the luxurious mane of hair he has begun cultivating, suggesting that when LBJ grew his hair out like that, people took it as a sign of an imminent crack-up. Don said that anyone who takes his hair as a sign of that is arriving very late to the party.

One of the more interesting characters I have met, there is no doubt.

Thanks for letting me take a few snaps, Don.


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  1. I believe long hairs are born. I personally was a horrible soldier simply because the U.S. Army shaved my head immediately upon entry in 1974. These locks have been growing ever since EOT–granted, they are also growing thinner rather than longer these days. But, suffice it to say, mine are the real deal. For me to wear short hair would be an intollerable hypocrisy. So it is with Mr Shelby. His new look brings to mind the phony “Kum Ba Yah” guy on the staircase of Animal House whose guitar deservedly gets splintered by John Bellushi; he is like Clinger in a dress–a bafoon with an ulterior motive, or, more accurately, a skulky agenda. Don… Get a haircut.

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