Fare Unbalanced

Jon Stewart last week noticed a few discrepancies in the way Fox News approached the RNC, versus the emphases it homed in on during the DNC.

You know, like how Brit Hume loved the data-filled speech of Paul Ryan (somehow I missed the specific data points in that one) and found the data-filled speech of Bill Clinton a long, weird, snooze-fest. But watch for yourself:

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Key Stewart zinger: “I think Fox News just found a great new slogan: Shut up and watch.”

Out of fairness, I do think Stewart might have mined similar laughs from MSNBC’s bifurcated approach to the two conventions, particularly its rhapsodic reviews of Obama’s relatively low-key closing speech. And after-the-fact, it was all but mum about Jennifer Granholm’s arm-pumping, jugular-busting, woah-nelly-weird war-whoop.

(Stewart, to his credit, also nailed that one.)

But also out of fairness, I don’t remember MSNBC being quite as dismissive of Romney’s RNC-capping address.


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