I Vote No on Hank, Jr.

It is not yet clear how ESPN–or “the Mothership” in Dan Patrick’s parlance–will handle the Hank Williams, Jr. episode from here on out.

My vote is this: I’m not ready for some football (that includes Hank Williams, Jr.).

I’ve been something of a Hank Jr. fan in the past. I wrote a glowing story about him in the Daily Californian when he rolled through El Cajon, Calif., back in the early 1990s. I still dig “Family Tradition.” But as a political pundit, Hank Jr. makes a really good country musician.

I assume that NBC let Keith Olbermann go from its Sunday night pre-game show for a reason, even if it was as amicable as it seems. He was too controversial, too hot too handle and offensive to some of the more right-leaning members of the NFL audience.

Fair enough. But we now know that Hank Jr. considers President Obama and Vice President Biden are “the enemy” and that the two of them somehow represent “the Three Stooges.” Forget the Hitler reference that Hank also made with regards to the president. Every dumb ass who doesn’t know how to formulate an actual argument trips over that irresistible trope.

But labeling the president the enemy?

No Hank. You and your big ol’ hard-rockin’ pre-game football party can just stay home from now on.

To borrow a thought from Lynyrd Skynyrd: I hope Hank Jr. will remember: A Northern man don’t need him around, anyhow.


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