MinnGov: Final Tally’s In

The Secretary of State’s page has 100 percent of precincts now reporting in the Minnesota governor’s race–one final Martin County precinct was lagging the pack for a while.

The uncertified final tally has:

Mark Dayton: 919,234 votes (43.63 percent)

Tom Emmer: 910,380 votes (43.21 percent).

The difference now stands at 8,854 votes, a lot more than the razor-thin margin between Franken and Coleman in the ’08 U.S. Senate election. However, like ’08, the vote-total margin is less than one-half of 1 percent, so an automatic recount seems certain to be triggered.

Presumably the 2010 margin will be a lot harder vote total to overcome than was the case in the Franken-Coleman race. But then again, this is Minnesota. And Minnesota is no place for presumptions…


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