O’Reilly Calls Out Beck

Bill O’Reilly did a great job Friday on “The Factor” putting to the test Glenn Beck’s Bizzaro World theories about the Egyptian Revolution.

There is nothing particularly revelatory going on in the video below, but it is great to see O’Reilly debunking Beck’s theory that Egypt’s revolution is the result of an unholy–and wholly unlikely–global conspiracy between Communists, Socialists and Islamists, which signals “a coming insurrection” that “will come here.” It’s doubly great to see him doing it on Beck’s home turf, FOX News, before at least some portion of Beck’s own hyperventilating audience.

“I don’t see the constituency,” O’Reilly concludes dryly after Beck spells out what he sees as the coming disaster.

“You don’t have to,” Beck says, presumably because Beck can see it all happening so clearly within the fantastical confines of his own disturbed mind.

Watch for yourself:


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