The Byline Doesn’t Take Credit … Say What?

No, you frickin’ thief. You’re right. The byline doesn’t take credit for the work. It gives credit for the work–to whoever actually did the work. So this is B.S.:

Rodale, publisher of Men’s Health and employer of serial plagiarist David Zinczenko, explains why ripping writers’ bylines off their work, and slapping Zinczenko’s on, is OK: “The byline doesn’t take credit for the work, but serves as an overarching tag.”

I gotchyer overarching tag right here…

Let me state this clearly: While the work I produce for magazines and other publications may well be done in the interests of furthering their brands–I totally accept and endorse that idea–I do not accept the premise that I write them so that some schmoe on your staff can paper his or her name over mine and claim ownership over the work, particularly not without due compensation. Jez so’s there’s no misunderstanding.

What’s next? “The Great Gatsby,” by David Zinczenko?


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