The Bachmann Comments: Greatest Hits

Michele Bachmann and her black-hole sun peepers

I mean no slight to any of the readers who sent me comments today on the Kevblog Bachmann post that got highlighted today in Andrew Sullivan’s blog, The Dish. They were all great, and some were quite interesting and insightful.

But some of the others were so funny that I wanted spotlight them in their own standalone post.

Incidentally, by repeating them here, I am not necessarily endorsing their sentiments. Just their effectiveness as comedy.

Where needed, I have corrected spelling.

“I’m fairly certain – though I’m no expert – that she has heat vision.” — “WalterNeff”

“If you watched the “V” show in the early 1980s, you would know that all of the lizard-aliens wore contact lenses to cover their lizard pupils.” — “Homer”

“Those screenshots make Bachmann look like a high-end sex doll. Just sayin’.” — “Kelly”

“Her lids are painted to look like they are open.” — “Dean”

“It has got to be ‘shrooms. That explains a lot.” — Bob

“Like Anthony Wiener said last night, ‘She’s not in contact with the Mother Ship.’ That could explain the pupil issue.” — “KLF” (Incidentally, though my initials are indeed KLF, this was not written by me.)

“… Let’s see if birds and small mammals panic when she’s around. And does she eat veggies?” –” Zounds”

“She looks like one of those old dolls. If you tip her head back her eyelids probably snap shut.” — “Jon H.”

“Your screen capture is so beautiful. It really captures the plastic contours of this Uncanny Valley Girl.” — “Flying Spaghetti Monster”

“I’m very upset. I love Syd Barrett. That woman is no Syd Barrett.” — “Scott”

Thanks to everyone who has written in. It’s been a bit of a banner day here at the Kevblog.


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