Masters of War

NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams had a riveting roundtable discussion about the first Gulf War tonight, with leaders from the administration of George H.W. Bush. It was one of the most remarkable things I can recall seeing on a network new broadcast in at least a decade.

The conversation between members of the Bush I foreign policy team was organized by the first President Bush himself, to mark the 20th anniversary of Operation Desert Storm.

Included were President Bush I, Colin Powell, Gen. Brent Scrowcroft, Dick Cheney, James Baker and others. The clip below is only a small portion of the conversation, and frankly is just about the least compelling part. Far more intriguing were the portions of the conversation that involved Cheney, his admission that he did not push for tackling Baghdad after Saddam Hussein got booted out of Kuwait, and that his attitude toward Saddam only changed after 9/11.

So while none of that is included in the clip embedded below, this portion of the discussion is fascinating in its own right.

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