Electoral College Count: N.C. Goes for Obama

Several news organizations are now calling North Carolina for Obama.

That leaves 12 electoral votes yet to be counted, 11 from Missouri and one from a single congressional district in Nebraska, a state where electoral votes are apportioned district by district.

(An aside: That district-by-district apportionment system is one I favor nationwide as eminently more fair than the current winner-take-all electoral college, despite arguments by my liberal friends who worry that such a system would take California out of the auto-Dem column. Wouldn’t bother me. Fair is fair.)

It appeared to me when I last looked that the votes remaining to be counted in Missouri were from a Republican county, so I’d assume the Show-Me State will ultimately be awarded to McCain. I won’t hazard a guess about what’s going on in Nebraska.

However you look at it, though, I underestimated the tilt of American voters in favor of Obama. In my Oct. 27 column, I predicted a 355-184 electoral vote split for Obama. I specifically did not think North Carolina would go for a black man. (I did think he would win Montana–which he did not.)

Shows what I know.

MSNBC is now showing that the actual electoral-vote margin is 364-173.

As those who know me are aware (even if they don’t believe me, and my red-state pals don’t), I am not a Democrat. Nor am I, as some of my fellow church-goers believe, a Republican. But I did vote for Obama.

Now, two days after the fact of this mind-blowing election, I can’t shake the feeling that somehow I’ve been startled awake, and that somehow I’m back in a familiar reality, awakened from a bad eight-year dream–and living once again in the United States.

So, once again it’s morning in America, dear readers. But, as our new president-elect is no doubt painfully aware, it’s looking like it’s going to be one bear of a day.


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