A Featherly Merry Christmas

Christmas tree at the Featherly-Nelson home

It's just what Tammy asked for.

Nate Featherly warms himself by the virtual yule log.

The roasted beast awaits its place on the Christmas dinner plate

Maggie wonders when she's going to get her present (treat).

Nate shows off his new Miles Davis t-shirt.

Tammy gets yet another piece of apparel that she was hoping for.

Kevin rests a gift package on his lap, which is wrapped in a new bath robe.

Kevin gets the new Mark Twain autobiography; he is a happy boy.

Upon receiving his Mexican hoody, Kevin is already contemplating wearing it while playing folk songs at church.

Kevin happily receives a folksinger stool from Tammy's folks in Waseca. Thanks, Lowell and Arlene!


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