Emmer Dropping Out?

This just in from the Minneapolis Star Tribune:

Republican Tom Emmer, who trails Democrat Mark Dayton in the Minnesota governor’s race, plans to make a “recount announcement” Friday morning at the Republican Party headquarters.

Emmer has kept a very low profile since Election Day and even refused to stop to talk to waiting reporters Thursday regarding the recount or anything else.

But at 10:30 am Friday, Emmer will hold his second news conference since election results were in. The press conference will be at Republican Party Headquarters in St. Paul.

No way to know what that means. But with the vote totals so far increasing for both Emmer and Dayton, and with the DFL urban core strongholds the main areas yet to be recounted, the odds are–and always were–that Emmer has no shot at gaining victory.

But backing out and conceding now would seem to run counter to the GOP’s plans to run out the string and keep Pawlenty in the governor’s mansion for the first month or so of the legislative session, a huge window of opportunity for legislative mischief by the GOP-controlled Legislature if there also is a temporary Republican governor.

Wonder what he has in mind.

This will be interesting.

Late addition: Emmer didn’t drop out, as it happens. But he has dropped most of his frivolous ballot challenges.


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