Spam of Evil

While doing a search through old email archives, I randomly came across this stinking hunk of spam. I repeat it verbatim, without correcting for grammar. It arrived on July 20, 2005, just before the mortgage fiasco broke the economy.

Dear Homeowner,

Did you realize that you don’t need to be paying high rates
on your current Mor|gage?

If fact rates are at the lowest they have been at in 50 Years!
We are extending refinance opportunities unheard of in the industry.

How would you feel saving hundreds monthly locked in at 3.25%?

Just visit the link below and Complete the
The 1 minute Instant Approval Form

[Hyperlink removed from original post.]

Thank you for your time,


One-minute instant approval. Sheesh….

In retrospect, this thing is pure evil.


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