That’s a Wrap, Mr. Weiner

Anthony Weiner

And so it ends for Congressman Anthony Weiner.

One interesting outcome emerged from the Weiner resignation press conference today: Idiot hecklers managed to do for Wiener that which he has until now been unable to do for himself–make him seem for the moment the dignified one.

I just heard the most recent the podcast today of “Real Time with Bill Maher,” where both Janeane Garafolo and Jane Lynch were vehement in opposing the idea that Weiner should step down. He’s their liberal pit bull and apparently they feel he was indispensable. And anyway, what he did was neither illegal nor “all that bad.”

I doubt either would have expressed such an enlightened viewpoint about Republican Chris Lee, who stepped down from his congressional seat while avoiding anything like the Weiner circus–and what he did was not one-tenth as phenomenally weird, perverse and stupid as what Weiner pulled off. (Sorry, the puns are impossible to resist.)

Personally, I’m glad he’s leaving.

Back to work people. Nothing to see here….


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