This is What Democracy Looks Like

This Is What Democracy Looks Like from Kevin Featherly on Vimeo.

A film by Kevin Featherly

On March 12, 2011, I traveled to Madison, Wis., with political cartoonist Kirk Anderson and Kirk’s wife Nancy Brewster–a St. Paul school teacher. Together we attended a massive pro-union rally that drew an estimated 100,000 people, protesting against a public employee union-busting law. The bill, which guts public employees’ collective bargaining rights, was signed into law March 11 by Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker.

While attending the demonstration, Kirk and I shot video of what they saw and heard. I then compiled the footage into the 35-minute documentary that is embedded in this post.

The film contains footage from the protest and more than a dozen interviews with participants and observers.

The soundtrack includes two of my original songs, “Greedy Soul,” and “Star Drift.”


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