This Is What Democracy Looks Like

This is my musical video record of the protest in Madison, Wis., on March 12, 2011. On that day, some 100,000 protesters converged on Wisconsin’s Capitol City to demonstrate against a bill signed into law by Gov. Scott Walker.

That bill effectively ends collective bargaining for public employees on any issue other than salaries. It also ties any salary increases, whether in good times or bad, to no more than the rate of inflation. Today, a Wisconsin judge placed a temporary restraining order against the law’s going into effect.

The song that I used to make this in effect a music video is one that has existed for several years. It was selected because it loosely–but obviously not directly–ties in with the themes stated by the protesters and their signs. Also it’s hard rhythm works as a meter by which to edit scenes.

My friends Kirk Anderson and Nancy Brewster are the couple whose images appear several times throughout the course of the video. Kirk shot several of the scenes included here.


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