‘Crown Jewel of Socialism’


You can argue the merits of whether it is right and fair, and whether it will ultimately even be affordable, to require citizens to purchase healthcare coverage from the private insurance market.

It’s a debate that really would be interesting.

But I guess it would distract from the show on the main stage, where there is a Carol Burnett-style skit playing out wherein the theme is that by so requiring, we are plummeting headlong into socialism.

From Minnpost today:

The U.S. House spent Wednesday performing kabuki theater over repealing so-called Obamacare. Everyone knows it won’t happen, so they were wasting taxpayer time and money just the same. The day did give the usual voices a new opportunity to throw up some sound bites. Congresswoman Michele Bachmann did not fail her true believers. On CBS News’ “Political Hot Sheet” blog, Brian Montopoli writes: “Bachmann of Minnesota, a Republican and founder of the Tea Party Caucus in the House, today cast last year’s health care reform law … as “the crown jewel of socialism.”

The crown jewel of socialism? Please.

Come on, politicos. We’re not all idiots out here. We know that socialism does not mean expanding the reach and breadth of a capitalistic insurance market. A market, by the way, that will only grow richer when, by government mandate, it suddenly finds itself handed many more customers–many of whom will be young, healthy people who now avoid purchasing health insurance because they think they’re going to live forever. In other words, a new crowd of customers whose business essentially equals lots of free money for insurers.

Reboot, people. Reboot. Let’s have a real argument about this, not this phony baloney crap.

It can be done. I mean, look at this.


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