Circlin’ Bert

Bert Blyleven

Blyleven deserves to be in the Hall of Fame.

Bob Sansevere joins the chorus of writers who now believe the great Bert Blyleven will finally get into the Baseball Hall of Fame.

That’s nice, but it’s not as encouraging as word from ESPN that in a sort of “exit poll” of writers with Hall of Fame votes, 14 of the 18 polled voted for Bert. Only one other player, Robbie Alomar, received more, with 17.

Rich Lederer, who has made the case for Bert more eloquently and persistently than anyone, notes:

“Blyleven has now received 82 of the 105 full ballots (78.1%) that Darren Viola (aka Repoz), the editor-in-chief of the Baseball Think Factory, has gathered from voters who have either posted their selections publicly or confessed to him privately. If this sample size is indicative of the overall total, then Blyleven should narrowly gain admission to the Baseball Hall of Fame when the results are released tomorrow.”

S’about time.

Good luck, Bert. You more than deserve this.


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