Whose Tweets Have Influence?

As a reporter, I get a fair bit of P.R. junk in my email inbox. But I thought this was kind of interesting, and harmless enough to repeat, even if it’s off base. It’s from the folks at “influence-measurement” company Klout.com, indicating the people whose tweets and presence they think have the most impact on Twitter.

Incidentally, a note to the folks at Klout: If you want to accumulate influence yourself, you might want to learn the proper use of the word “evidentiary.” Jez sayin’.

Politics has been a dominant force on Twitter this year, evidentiary by the 2010 influencer wrap-up by Klout (the team measuring influence across social media): http://klout.com/blog/2010/12/most-influential-topics-of-2010/

Here are the top 10 most influential politicians, people (half of whom are politicians), and #tags (almost all of which are political) on Twitter:

Most Influential POLITICIANS:

• Barack Obama
• Sarah Palin
• George W Bush
• Scott Brown
• Nancy Pelosi
• John McCain
• Harry Reid
• Ronald Reagan
• Joe Biden
• Bill Clinton

Most Influential PEOPLE:

• Barack Obama
• Justin Bieber
• Sarah Palin
• Glen Beck
• George W Bush
• Steve Jobs
• Lebron James
• Lady Gaga
• Scott Brown
• Nancy Pelosi

Top #TAGS:
• #tcot – Top Conservatives on Twitter
• #p2 – Progressive 2.0
• #sgp – Smart Girl / Guy Politics
• #tlot – Top Libertarians on Twitter
• #ocra – Organized Conservative Resistance Alliance
• #hhrs – The Hugh Hewitt Radio Show
• #jfb – Joel Fights Back
• #ucot – United Conservatives on Twitter
• #ihatequotes – used for bad quotes or ironically
• #mamavation – Mamavation Support Group

So now, I guess, you know.


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