There But for Fortune

Phil Ochs

I’ve been waiting for this a long time. Looks like the long-awaited Phil Ochs documentary will finally see limited release on Jan. 5.

It will be a long-overdue tribute to one of the ’60s most committed, trenchant and tragic figures, the author of “I Ain’t a-Fighting Anymore,” “Draft Dodger Rag,” “Here’s to the State of Mississippi,” and a raft of other classics of the folk protest genre.

“[Director Kenneth] Bowser and other voices — Pete Seeger, Peter Yarrow (of Peter, Paul and Mary), Joan Baez and Tom Hayden — pepper the film with praise for Mr. Ochs’s history-driven, pamphlet-style songs: forceful, angry and cleverly absurd lessons about society’s evil and unfair circumstances; Tom Paine with a guitar.”

Tom Paine with a guitar.

That’s good.


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